Double Degree

Double Degree PROGRAMME

The Double Degree is an agreement between SMEA and the Wageningen University (The Netherlands) that gives both students of the Master of Science in Agricultural and Food Economics at UCSC and students of the Master in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies at Wageningen University, the chance to attend the second year of their course at the partner University.

Thanks to the mutual recognition of ECTS credits and a thesis supervised by professors from both universities, students participating in the Double Degree will receive both degrees.

The aim of the Double Degree is to pursue the objectives of the two courses, which are both targeted to prepare professionals for the agricultural and food sector, giving students a strong international background.

Admission to the programme is based on merit and knowledge of English, an essential tool to be able to follow courses held in both universities.

For each academic year a maximum of 3 students can enter the programme.


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