Entry Requirements



The number of students entering the program each year is limited to 3 from each university.
Università Cattolica (UCSC) and Wageningen University (WU) are willing to accept students from the partner university if:

  • they have finished a BSc programme or equivalent and 1 year of Master-level courses;
  • WU students have reached a GPA of 70% or equivalent; UCSC students have reached an average mark of 24/30;
  • they are able to follow courses in English (TOEFL mark of 90 internet-based or an equivalent test is required).

Prerequisites for UCSC students of double-degree-programme with WU

To earn the MME degree in Wageningen in addition to the "Master of Science" degree in Cremona, UCSC students must have:

  • a "Laurea Triennale" degree (3 years);
  • one year of "Master of Science" courses (63 ECTS);
  • at least 60 ECTS of socio-economic courses, earned either during the "Laurea Triennale" degree or the first year of the "Master of Science" degree.

The courses offered in the First Year of the "Master of Science" degree in "Agricultural and Food Economics" at UCSC may be used as prerequisites for ALL the specializations of the MME program at WU, provided that the study coordinator in Wageningen approves the student study programme.

Prerequisites for WU students of double-degree-programme with UCSC

To earn the "Master of Science in Agricultural and Food Economics" degree at UCSC, in addition to the MME at WU, WU students must have:

  • a Bachelor Degree (3 years);
  • one year of MME courses (60 ECTS);
  • at least 60 ECTS of socio-economic courses, earned either during the Bachelor Degree or the first year of the MME.

For each of the three specialization of the MME, the study program is available in the MME website.

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